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FAQ & Helpful Tips

How does Magical Nick differ from other children’s entertainers?

Unlike other entertainers who perform for all occasions, Magical Nick solely specializes in children’s entertainment. This allows him to devote all his time, energy and practice to make your event the best it could be. Magical Nick is a professional full time entertainer.

What age group is best suited for a Magical Nick show?

Birthday party shows are geared toward ages 3-10. Other shows offered for festivals, cub scouts and other events are tailored for most ages. All programs are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages. Magical Nick will customize each show to best suit that general age group.

Where can Magical Nick perform?

Magical Nick can perform indoors or outdoors and work with any size space. Indoors is the most preferred location but not required. If an outdoor performance is requested it is advised to have a covered area or alternate indoor location available due to weather conditions.

What needs to be provided for the show?

The show is completely self-contained and all that is needed is an area about 6′ x 9′ to perform with enough space in front for the audience to sit.

How long will it take to setup and pack up?

Magical Nick will arrive approximately 15-30 minutes before show time to setup and say hi. Pack up at the conclusion of the show will be approximately 10-15 minutes so you can easily start the cake or other party plans.

What types of payment methods are available? How is payment handled?

You may pay by cash, check or major credit card.  No advance deposit is required. Payment in full is made the day of the performance.

Can we videotape and/or take photos?

Yes, of course as long as the photographs and video will be for your personal use. A multitude of memories can be captured at a Magical Nick performance.

How long is your performance?

A typical show length is 45 minutes and the most popular. My gold star birthday package is 55 minutes. However, shows and programs can be customized to fit your time frame and needs.

What time should I start the show?

Always allow at least a 15-20 minute window for all your guests to arrive.  If the party starts at 12:00 PM I would consider having the show at 12:30 PM to allow for late guests to not miss out on the performance.